Monday, March 21, 2011

What Martin Bashir Thought of His Interview with Rob Bell

Martin Bashir, who interviewed Rob Bell on MSNBC, was recently featured on a radio program. In the interview he shared the background and his evaluation of the interview with Rob Bell, and what motivated him to ask his probing and relentless questions.

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The audio is about 35 minutes long, but it is an education on the importance of truth, the role of biblical scholarship, and what is so deeply disturbing about Bell's book.

From Bashir:

"Even from a purely historiographical and the treatment of history, it {Love Wins} is evasive and frankly disingenuous. When you get to the point of Biblical criticism, it gets even worse."

He then cites two examples:

1. The misrepresentation of Luther's question about the contents of hell.
2. The misinterpretation of John 3:17 in light of the context

If you only have a few minutes, listen to the following:

  • On the historical inaccuracy of the citation of Martin Luther: - (34:56 remaining)
  • On the out of context citation of John 3:17 - (34:20 remaining)
  • On Bashir's motivation to be a good journalist and get to the truth (32:30 remaining)
  • On Bahir's research on the historical context of what Bell is teaching - (29:50 remaining)
  • On the fracture of theology that Love Wins represents - (27:19 remaining)
  • On his own religious belief, including if he attends Redeemer Church - (7:56 remaining)
What motivated his interview:

"It had everything to do with fact that when I read the book, and I saw what I believe is an egregious disregard for history and a treatment of biblical texts in the most selective and perfunctory manner. That is what drove my interview with Rob Bell. It has nothing to do with what church I attend."

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