Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ten Truths When I Am Discouraged

It has been a while, (too long - sorry Matt) since my last post. Here is something that I trust will be helpful to you. I use this list to preach to my own heart and it has been to me over the years:

1. I remind myself of the reality of justification - that I am completely right with God because of Christ

2. I remember that justification had nothing to do with my ability. It was entirely dependent on God’s gracious mercy and Christ’s obedience.

3. I need to embrace the inverted values of the Bible – the last shall be first and the greatest are servants.

4. I remember that my definition of success is warped by my depravity. I do not see life as clearly as I think I do.

5. I fan into flame my love for Christ so that it eclipses all other loves and conquers all other fears.

6. I remind myself that I need to be careful not to judge things before the time. I must be tentative in my assessments.

7. I evaluate my intake of the Word and my breathing of prayer to see if my discouragement is really a symptom of a lack of fellowship with God.

8. I choose to view my discouragement a handmaid for repentance and allow it to draw me closer to God.

9. I rehearse all these things and bank my life on them regardless of how I feel.

10. I need to do the normal things that God lays before me today by faith, not waiting until I feel encouraged.