Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today's Sermon

I know that you know that Jesus is a suffering Messiah. However, Matthew wants you to feel it. He wants to you understand that Jesus entered your world, but – even more – he wants you to enter his world so that you can understand. He wants you to really “get it” that Jesus was a man; he was deeply troubled; he was alone; he wrestled with God’s will; and it was all very, very dark. But there is a purpose beyond a morbid observance of his pain. Matthew wants you to watch him so that you’ll love him so that you’ll follow him.

There are five pictures of Jesus here:

A Savior Who Grieves
A Man Who Wrestles
A Teacher Who Cautions
A Messiah Who Endures
A Son Who Obeys

He faced the loneliest moment in the universe so that you’d always know that you are never really alone.

Jesus’s suffering was personal so that your redemption and your comfort could be personal too.


The Brown Family Blog said...

I'm really excited that you are blogging again :) I hope you continue. Thanks for your continued good work in teaching us the scriptures. We are blessed by your commitment to Jesus and His word!

Dennis Swender said...

Today was tough as I went back to the pain of when Edmund was born. I remember transfering to the hospital and all. Heidi stopped in but was then on her way to St. V's women's center for some medical attention. I was in the ER with Edmund and nurses were telling me he'd be fine while doctors told me he'd die. It was a horrible feeling. I cried all through the night, I think I was even crying while I was sleeping. When we got to go in and see him they told us we couldn't touch him because it would be too much stimulation. A day or so later a doctor told us to talk to our pastors about turning the machines off, but I remember so many people from church coming in and praying with us or just being there. I remember that morning Cindy Schmidler praying/declaring "this is not over!" Even though it was the worst pain I've experienced in my life, I still had peace. Christ was there with us. Even though Edmund pulled through and is two now with no signs of any issues, I was still brought back to that place... Lord, thank you for your decision to do God's will. And thank you Lord for the blessing of church family doesn't fall asleep in our time of need.

Mark Vroegop said...

Dennis - you, of all people, know the untameable nature of grief, fear, and anxiety. God really taught you that through Edmund's birth, and it was a joy to watch God grow you through it! Thanks for your testimony to the power of watching him, loving him and following him.