Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Supremacy of Christ in Revival

David Bryant –Proclaim Hope

Summary: A revival is essentially a Christ-awakening movement. Revival happens when the people of God come to fully understand, submit to, worship and obey the person of Jesus. It is a movement where the church awakens, adores, and arises to ALL that Christ is.

Bryant's message was by far the most compelling and hopeful message of the entire conference. His message was so captivating that it was nearly impossible to take any notes. The sense of worship and awe at the wonder of Jesus was present from the beginning of his message until the end. It was one of those moments that you were able to see and feel the anointing of God upon a man as he spoke.

His definition of revival: God's Spirit using God's Word to re-convert God's people back to God's Son for ALL that he is.

Bryant gave seven reasons why he believes that we are on the verge of a Christ-awakening movement:

1. The Decisive Person – God is committed to his Son

2. The Divine Pattern – He's done it before; He is able, willing, and ready to do it again

3. The Dark Prospects – Our world clearly needs a renewal movement

4. The Disturbing Paralysis – The church, for the most part, is stuck in apathy

5. The Dramatic Preparations – There are signs all over the world of what God is doing. Even a book recently published by secular authors ("God is Back") records the new movement.

6. The Distinctive Prayer – There are prayer movements all over the country

7. The Determined People – Every church has people longing for revival

Bryant's bottomline was that there is a need for the church to move from the centrality of Jesus into the supremacy of Jesus. He called the church to not be only purpose-driven, but to be person-driven.

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