Wednesday, November 11, 2009

5 Lessons from the Holland Prayer Movement

In a few hours, I'll be sharing the full story of the Holland Prayer Initiative, and identify 5 lessons. Here they are:

1. Revival resonates with people and pastors – Pastors love the ministry and people love coming to church when they sense "God is here."

2. There is always a remnant – there are always people who long for something more; they are there, you just haven't found them yet.

3. Revival is birthed through relationships over time – God works through people working together; you cannot manufacture it and only God can birth it. But relationships are the soil.

4. Revival looks different in each church – God moves in different ways through different means in different contexts. His movement is a varied as the needs in the church.

5. God's works are messy and mysterious – No two works of God are the same, and they are filled with real and fake moments. We are not always sure as to what God is doing, but the journey is still worthwhile and satisfying.

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Kortni said...

How true is that fifth lesson!?! And how much less would we learn about faith if we had a God's-eye view of the world? Life and faith are messy and hard, but I don't think the journey would teach me as much if it were not.
Good stuff, Pastor Mark