Monday, November 09, 2009

Heart-Cry Conference Session 1

Daniel Henderson, President – Strategic Renewal

A Portrait of Passionate Prayer – Daniel 9

  • All the truth in the world will do you little good until you have seen it evidence in the life of someone else
  • What a man is, he is on his knees – nothing more, nothing less, that's it

5 Marks of Passionate Prayer:

1. Birthed from the truth of God's Word (v 9)

  • Daniel's response to what he read in Jeremiah: He set himself to seek the Lord
  • The best way to begin prayer is to let God start the conversation through His Word
  • G. Mueller – tried to start prayer by other means but he languished until he began with the Bible
  • We must learn to pray with open Bibles
  • John Piper – where the heart is not brimming with the Word, the heart will not be full of prayer

2. Concerned with the honor of God's name (v 4)

  • Daniel offered a Godward prayer
  • The only thing that motivates God is his own glory
  • Daniel was captivated with a view of God

3. Sustained by a longing for God's presence (v 17)

  • Daniel sought the Lord
  • He set his face to seek the Lord
  • 1 Corinthians 14 – an amazing encounter when God shows up an d lost people know that "God is in your midst."
  • "Forgive us for loving programs more than your presence."

4. Marked by anguish over the condition of God's people (vv 6-15)

  • Bruce Wilkerson – When God moves upon a people, he baptizes a man with anguish
  • Anguish: to feel what God feels for your church

5. Answered in accordance with God's plan (v20-23)

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