Saturday, April 16, 2011

How the Gospel Makes You Untouchable

In Matt Chandler's message from the Gospel Coalition Conference entitled "Youth" (Eccelsiastes 11:7-12:14), he provided a compelling summary of how Paul lived out the gospel. He explained the connection between Paul's freedom and his suffering; his view of circumstances through the lens of gospel effect. Here are a few of his best thoughts:

On the connection between Paul's message and pain:
"Everyone loves Pauline theology, but nobody wants Pauline pain. You want that deep girth? That's paid for, man! And it's not paid for in study! It is paid for in pain."
On Paul's freedom from circumstances from Phil 1:12-17:
I've never met a man that is as free as Paul is; you can't touch him!

If you tell him, "I'm going to kill you."
Paul would say, "All right, it is time to go home!"
If you say, "Alright, we're going to let you live."
"Alright, to live is Christ!"
"Okay, we are going to beat you."
"You know how it is...that is sharing in the sufferings of Christ; I welcome that."
"We'll put you in prison."
"I'll convert your guards and most of your prisoners."

Paul was just just an untouchable man. How do you get untouchable like that? You keep going back to the gospel over and over again. Everything drives the gospel forward.

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N,Tayeb said...

we are sin, I can’t understand that because:

In Islam we think that we are not sin, but we make mistakes. But if we return to Allah and ask him for forgiveness, He will forgive us:

If we are sin then the kids when they die, they should go to hell. In Islam our prophet said that (in the meaning of) “every child is Muslim by his nature and his parent who make him Christian or Jewish…”

Then we believe that every child when hi die he go to paradise

Allah did forgive Adam and Eve about their eating from the forbidden tree

Allah will not blame us if the others did bad things, even our parent.

For example, if my father kills someone, did I will go to jail in his place?

Then Allah doesn’t need a sacrifice of his messenger Jesus PBUH to forgive humanity.

Please Elisabeth contemplate in yourself, do you really think that you are sin? For me I think you are very kind and good women, but sometimes you make small mistakes, as all of us do. :)